Monday, September 10, 2007

Create My Keepsake Scenic Route Challenge

When I saw this challenge, I said to myslef that I really have to join this. I got a nice pic of me standing at Takeshita street posing with the "peace" sign (which is a norm for the Japanese when they take pictures).

The night before the deadline, I crammed till 2am to finish this. Come morning I found out that I haven't registered at the forum and gallery! I was in panic mode, good thing my dear friend Pia came to the rescue. I used her account to upload my entry (Thanks again Pia!)

The winners were to be announced August 31, but unfortunately I got sick for 3 days. I only got to check the site Monday morning (Sep 3) and found out I'm one of the 3 winners! Yahoo! My 1st international win! I was close to screaming here in my ofc but of course I couldn't. :)

All that puyat was well worth it! :D

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