Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Off to Boracay! Day 1

What a week! Coming home from Shanghai last Dec 13 and off to Boracay the following day! I miss my kids so much already...if only i could bring them with me to Bora!

Dec 14 - we left for Boracay with my officemates. This is our 2nd company outing + Christmas party in one. We had one 2 years ago in Boracay also. We left at 1pm (good thing we were not delayed) and arrived at Boracay around 4pm. We went for a swim and met at the Hey Jude(where we stayed) lobby at 6:30pm to go together to Fridays where we will be having our party.

The buffet was soooo good! I think I tasted every single dish and loved their oysters rockefeller! I must have had 10 of them :D Their roast lamb was also yummy!

After our meal, we had our games by the beachfront. Biboy spearheaded the games committee (it's our tradition that the newbies will organize the games for the party every year) coming up with games that will encourage teamwork. Each team had to create their own team name and have a team cheer. We elected Rjay as our team leader but it took him a while to think of a name so Cesar named our team, Team Mawa. Unfortunately, we were all lousy at thinking of cheers, Gracia ended up doing the Marimar trademark as our cheer and we changed our team name to Team Marimar. The other team even had a cheerleading stunt included in their cheer (led by Joy, Roy's wife).

Our first game was ...well i don't know what it's called...the concept is for 5 members from each group to hold a long walis tingting by their finger only. The group must lower down the stick onto the ground slowly and the stick must be straight or at the same level as it goes down. Our group lost this game by just a second or two.

Our next game, which I don't know what it's called also...is sort of a maze. There would be a team leader who will stand at the other end of the maze. The team leader would "lead" the blindfolded member through the maze without knocking off any bottle. Of course, our team leader is Eric...hehehe. This time, we won!

The third game is a knock off of Pinoy Henyo using AMMIC terms as the words that needs to be guessed. This game is a good change from our traditional charades game (i think we've done all the variations of charades over the years..hehehe). The other team won making them the grand winner but in the end, we agreed to spend the Php5,000 total prize for dinner so everyone can enjoy it.

There was suppose to be a fourth game but we were all tired already so we started our "journey" back to our hotel. It was a very very long walk going back to Hey Jude which is in Station 2. The other guys still went out for a drink while me and Meng went back to our room. I called a masseur so I can have a relaxing massage before going to sleep. Meanwhile, Meng was already too sleepy he went to sleep ASAP (complete with snoring..hehehe)

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