Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turning 31

I don't know why or if these kind of things only happens to me, but I can never be too happy in one day. If I get so happy earlier during the day, for sure something will happen in the afternoon or evening that would make me sad. Is it because I was born on April Fools Day? I hope not. (Maybs, do these kind weird stuff happen to you too? :p) One of those days was also on April 1, 6 years ago. In the morning, I was contacted by the HR of the company where I'm currently working that I got the job. I was waiting for the call for days so I was extremely happy that day with plans of having dinner with my parents. Later that afternoon, a big fire broke out from the house opposite ours. Thank God our house was spared.

Yesterday was the opposite. Around noon, 2 guys went inside our office unnoticed. A laptop was in the conference room near our reception and the staff using the laptop went to the restroom for a while. The 2 guys stole the laptop in a matter of seconds and was gone in less than a minute. They were even able to go out of the building through the main entrance!

Meng came to the my office in the afternoon so we could go home together with my sister in law who went shopping with my son, Austin. I didn't know Austin went with her as he was suppose to be on duty selling gulaman at our place.

When we got home, that's when I found out the real reason why he went with my sister in law, to buy me a birthday gift..or rather birthday gifts! He insisted on choosing them himself. He bought me a chocolate cake from Hungry Pac which I love! Also included is a book he picked out himself entitled Happily Married for Life, a picture frame and 4 bangles. This is my best birthday ever! I'm blessed with 2 loving sons, a supportive husband, and loving family and friends, what more could I ask for?

P.S. Maybelle Ngo, my co-DT in Lasting Impression and I share the same birthday. No, it's not a requirement to have April 1 as your birthday to become a DT for Lasting Impression..hehehe. Actually I found out about it just a day before our birthday.

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Maybelle said...

Happy, happy birthday, April!!! Of course I know how you feel about having a bday on such an "auspicious" date. ha-ha.... I'm glad it was a great one! And Meng's so sweet!!! Pareho tayo blessed to have such sweet, supportive & super loving hubbys plus great kids!!! I really can't ask for more!!! Mwahhh!!!