Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spa for Kids

Kids these days are so lucky. It took most of us to reach our twenties or thirties before we got to experience the relaxing massages from the spa, but nowadays even babies can get their own massages.

Last Sunday, we went to Fun Ranch in Frontera Verde Pasig to check out the big playground they have. Unfortunately, it was a bit hot and David was showing signs of being sleepy. Meng decided we should just go home, but not after he and Austin got to ride on the bump cars. There were just 3 of them bumping each other. David enjoyed watching his Ahia and his Daddy bumping each other's cars.

On our way to the parking, we spotted Little Lamb's Pediatric Wellness Spa and decided to ask what their whirlpool is. It was actually a jacuzzi for kids. We also found out they have massages for kids and yes, even infants! Austin loves getting massages so we had both David and Austin try their massages. It seems both of them had a wonderful time, while me and Meng wait for them to finish.

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