Friday, July 25, 2008

My Family History

Austin had an art assignment to make an album about their family's history and this is what we came up with. Since I'm not into vintage type of layouts, this was also a challenge for me. I dug out all my vintage looking papers while my son asked for old photos from my father in law. To make it easier to match, I rescan and retook the photos and had them printed in black and white. Austin interviewed my in-laws for information about their parents while I interviewed my parents for information about my grandparents.

I got the idea of making a sort of a gatefold album from Scrapjam's workshop. I borrowed Maybs' Bind it All (thanks Maybs!) and got some chipboard and papers from Vivian (thanks too Viv!). I bought the monograms from Rekindled Moments and sprayed them with Glimmer Mist (this one has a very nice effect, subtle lng ang pagkaglittery and it absorbs very well with chipboard..very fine dots lng). I got the book knobs of 7gypsies from Vivian.

The reason why I put so much effort(and money!..the cover pa lng costs more than Php500!) on making this 17x8 album is so my kids would be able to remember their ancestors when they grow up and maybe even tell their own kids about me and meng, about their grandparents. Maybe I got too carried away also coz I know you can make an album that won't cost that much..hehehe.

The left portion under the letter L side contains information about Meng's family while the right portion under the letter C contains information about my side of the family.


Mia Castrillo said...

A++ on presentation, creativity, originality and effort! Galing, galing! Plus, the fact that it was a joint effort between you and Austin (bonding galore!), makes this all worthwhile. Great job, April!

Liza said...

wow! ang ganda ng final product april! i agree with mia, austin should get an A++ for this!

Maybelle said...

April! Ang ganda ganda!!! I'd love to see the actual album. When I saw it in it's initial stages, I knew that it would come out really, really beautiful. What makes is more special is that it is a labor of love for your family. Show it to Angkong & Ama, Guakong & Guama... at baka mag-agawan pa sila's hingin sa iyo.

Jenniwren32 said...

Wow... you guys did a great job!

marking said...

Congrats on the comprehensive mini album. Galing!

Jeff & Pia said...

Grabe April! Sobrang nakaka-inspire itong album mo! Eto na siguro pinakamagandang project sa class nina Austin! At malamang ma-invite ka pa sa class nila to talk about this hahaha!

Ang galing galing mo! Akala ko ba hirap ka sa vintage!

Ang swerte nyo at may photos pa kayo ng mga ancestors nyo. Kami, nasunog : (

Marisa said...

Great job, April! Loved how you broke down the two sides of the family to unite sa family ninyo. You captured the true essence of track your genealogy and pass it on to your kids so they'll never forget. Well done! :)