Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mosquito patches

One night, David decided to play with a sheet of Cars stickers he found.

He decided that his working daddy's arms would be the perfect sticker board so he started removing each sticker from the sheet and stuck it on his daddy's arms.

When Meng was trying to remove them, David asked him not to. He said those were mosquito patches so the mosquitos won't bite his daddy.

So poor Meng had to kept those mosquito patches on till it was time for us to go to sleep :) If only those stickers can really keep away mosquitoes would have bought a big bundle of them. There's just too many mosquitoes nowadays.

1 comment:

Alby said...

Your son is a genius! I bet no one has ever thought of mosquito patches! If I were working for SCJohnson (Makers of Off Lotion), I would immediately suggest this. Much better than lotions! :D