Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What kind of DSLR camera fits you best

Months ago, I took one of the tests in Facebook which helps you decide what kind of DSLR fits you best. The result: "You don't need a DSLR!"

Since Meng is into photography, he explained to me for the nth time what aperture, shutter speed and all those camera talk means. However, I still can't manage to make all those information sink in to me. I think Austin understands those concepts better than I do.

Before we had our DSLR, I used to take pictures with my camera phone. I was quite satisfied with the outdoor shots my camera phone can take. With the DSLR, I always shoot with the P mode as the other settings still confuse me. I think I take better photos with the camera phone than the DSLR..hehehe

A day before I left for Singapore, on a late stormy afternoon, I dragged Meng to Quiapo to get myself a Panasonic Lumix LX3 from Mayer Photo. Not even a heavy rain and flood could stop me from buying myself my very own camera...hehehe. I had been planning to buy this in Singapore as they said it's cheaper to buy electronics in Singapore, but when I emailed the shop where I'm suppose to buy it they said they don't have any stock left. I was skeptical to buy at other stores as there have been feedbacks about dishonest sellers in other stores, so with around a thousand or two peso difference, I decided to buy the unit locally. (My sister-in-law, Lujene was lucky because when we went to Singapore the following day and decided to drop by John 3:16 in Funan IT Mall, 1 unit arrived that day so she was able to get hers in Singapore)

Together with the unit, I got a 4GB memory and a lightweight tripod (which I didn't get to use in Singapore :() and went home with a big smile on my face. At last, I don't have to bug Meng to take photos.

I'm still learning to navigate my camera, trying out the different shooting modes and trying to understand what aperture and shutter speed is about and how to apply them. Hopefully, this time, I would finally understand it.

This morning, while on our way to Makati, Meng woke me up to show me this motorcycle driver with a tire around him. Sabi ni Meng, bka takot daw sa baha..bka malunod sya...hehehe

So I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag and took a photo of the motorcycle driver. :)

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Maybelle said...

Wow! new camera! Pose na kami!!!