Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Sister

Inspired by Journaling Junkie's Challenge 66, Here's a layout I created about my baby sister, June. (I have another sister named May...and we're all born in the month we're named after)

Title: Baby Sister

Journaling: Among the 3 of us sisters, you and I look so much alike that people mistake you for me and vice versa. Working in the same office adds to the confusion as some people I know wondered why I didn't acknowledge them when they see you in the elevator or in the lobby, later realizing it was you they saw, not me.

Among the 3 of us, you and I are the least closest to each other, with a six year gap between us. With me already married as you approached your teens, we didn't get to bond a lot.

You've always been our baby, our princess. Mommy didn't even want you anywhere near the kitchen when you were single, afraid you might burn something. Yet you have matured quite a lot since you got married. You've become a queen in your own kitchen, whipping up gourmet dishes. You've become a wonderful mommy to Selina, tirelessly breastfeeding her until now that she's 8 months old even when you're already back at work.

Despite being sheltered by Mommy and Daddy for most of your life, you still have the eagerness and the patience to learn new things on your own. You're the type of person who always gives others the benefit of the doubt before jumping to any conclusion or judging others. This is your greatest asset.

Even though we do not tell you this as often as we nag you with our sermons, we are very proud of you, for being a good soul, for your dedication, and for constantly improving yourself. Even though we are still not very close despite being officemates for several years now and seeing each other almost every day, I want you to know that I'm very proud of you and I love you and you will always be our baby.

Materials: Crate paper, blings, prima flowers, pink paislee alpha stickers, alpha brads

I loved the little rolled paper Ems did in her winning layout during the Scrapfest, that I decided to incorporate it in my layout.


Stefanie said...

Thanks so much for linking me to your fabulous LO and for the awesome journaling.
I love that you played along.
I will be posting all the readers LO's tomorrow morning my time.

Chiqui said...

love your girly layout April!