Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas gifts

Of all the Christmas gifts that I got this Christmas, the most special one is the one from my sons, Austin and David.

Yesterday, Austin asked permission to go to the mall with his Sa-ko to have his watch repaired. Little did I know that he had a hidden agenda.

When we got home from work yesterday, he asked us to look under our blanket. After changing clothes, I took a look at what's under the blanket and found 2 gifts. 1 for me and 1 for his dad, all wrapped up. (Now I hate myself for not taking a photo of it before opening them!)

Mine was 2 small wrapped gifts placed on top of each other, with a gift tag saying: To Mommy, Merry Christmas! from: Austin and David.

Inside I found a cellphone charm (which turned out to be a cellphone cleaner....perfect for my cellphone screen full of fingerprints!) and a silver bracelet. Austin got his dad an I-mag photography magazine.

What made it even more special is that he used his hard earned money to buy us presents. He sold refreshments and snacks last summer and during the days when he doesn't have school. He also saved up the allowances I give him. He even bought his Sa-ko a frog paperclip since his Sa-ko loves frogs.

Austin may not be a very malambing person, not the type to hug you and kiss you good night without prompting, but he has proven to be a very very thoughtful person. His gifts to us were carefully chosen. He had wanted to get me the 2nd book of the Eragon series, Eldest but he couldn't find one. He got his daddy a photography magazine because he knows his daddy loves to read them.

Thank you very much Austin and David! Your daddy and I love you guys so much!

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Mia Castrillo said...

Naiyak naman ako dito! Austin is so sweet! :-) What a treasure he is! Merry Christmas April!