Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Christmas Photos

Here are some Christmas photos of Meng and me taken during Arlene's daughter, Anika's birthday and during Arlene's dad, Tito Diony's birthday.

We are sooo behind this Christmas with Christmas shoots and parties keeping us busy busy busy as well as our everyday work. I used to have my gifts done and all wrapped up by end of November, that by 2nd week of December, i have usually given out all my gifts. This year, I'm still wrapping and buying gifts a week before Christmas!

We haven't even had our annual Christmas family photo shoot (which just started last year..hehehe). With Meng and Jeff into photography and being the official photographers, Pia and my family do not have a lot of family pictures. So starting last year, Pia, Jeff and Ethan and our family agreed to schedule a day in December when we could have each other's family photos taken. We hope we could have it before Christmas, but if time doesn't permit us, we'll just have a post Christmas photo shoot. (Ethan, get well soon!)

Photos were taken by Jeff Lopez.

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