Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend at Tagaytay

Taal Vista, Tagaytay

Meng, Austin, David and I, together with my parents and my sister, May Ann spent the last weekend of November at Tagaytay.

Upon arrival in Tagaytay, we ate lunch at Josephine's since we can only check-in at 2pm. After lunch, we proceeded to Taal Vista Hotel to check-in. Since the rooms were not available yet, David and I watched the cultural show in the dining area.

Austin and David planned on having a swim in the pool but the water was too cold. Good thing, there was a tub in the rooms so they just soaked in the tub for around 30 minutes.

My parents and my sister took a short nap while we watched TV. Since we had adjoining rooms, David had a blast running between the rooms calling everyone out. By around 5pm, I got hungry so Meng and I and the kids drove to Bag of Beans while my parents and sister attended Mass in the nearby chapel. I've heard that the pies of Bag of Beans were good, so we bought 3 to taste and share with my family. We also drove to Amira's near Taj but unfortunately it was already closed. (We found out the next day that there's a new branch at Summit Ridge, just a few meters away from Taal Vista! sheeesh!)

We had dinner at Firelake in Cliffhouse. The food was quite good but I didn't get to enjoy it so much since David didn't want to eat and he was walking everywhere! He only had soup and wouldn't eat even mashed potatoes.

We went back to the hotel afterwards since it was drizzling.

During breakfast, David won't eat again. I gave him cereal, pancakes and even fruits but he refuses eat any of them. So my mom decided to play with him outside so I can eat. He had so much fun going up and down the garden and let the wind blow in his face. After a while, I tried feeding him congee with egg which he finally ate.

We went to the Residence Inn zoo so David can see some animals. It's David's first time to visit the zoo and he loved the animals especially the monkeys and the lions. He kept on imitating them.

Since we're still quite full with the breakfast, we just ate lunch at Shakey's before heading home to avoid traffic. My mother in law was in Taal Vista too, walking around after having lunch there with some friends. We were able to catch her as we were checking out from the hotel.

Austin and David slept so soundly in the car as we drove home. Good thing, there wasn't so much traffic on the way home.

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