Thursday, January 15, 2009

David moments

I decided to blog David's funny hirits here so I would have some sort of documentation to refer back to when I make my layouts. Am not too good at writing them down nor at remembering them (my memory's very lousy..i wonder if i will still remember anything by the time i'm 60!), so I'll use this blog as my sort of journal of the worth remembering moments with my kids.

Last night, David went out of the room to go to his yaya in her room. I asked Austin to bring him back to our room. I'm trying to teach him to wait for his yaya to come to our room as David's kind of an impatient kid. Austin dragged him back with him crying his lungs out. I finally told Austin to let him go but told David to wear his slippers (He likes walking barefoot). He quickly followed then as he was walking to his yaya's room, he shouted back at his Ahia.

I quickly followed him and reprimanded him about it.

Mommy: David, dont shout at your Ahia. That's bad.

His eyes were wandering as I was talking to him so I told him to look at me.

I was expecting him to either ignore me, or just nod his head, but he replied...

David: Opo, opo, opo (complete with head down..imagine if may pinagalitan kang maid and how they answer you with opo ate opo)

Boy, was I surprised! My son knows how to use the word opo! I didn't even know he knew what it meant and I have never heard him use it.

To keep myself from smiling, as I was trying to project that I was not happy with his behavior, I added..

Mommy: Also always wear your slippers ok? Or else I will slap your feet.

David: ok, ok...opo, opo

I really hope I won't have another "laughing/crying at the same time" husband might think he married an insane woman :D

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