Monday, January 12, 2009

Reasoning out

Gone are the days when you tell your kids to do something and they do it right away without saying anything. Now, even if they are barely two, as long as they can talk and express themselves, they would try to reason out as much as they can.

I remember the time when I was reprimanding Austin. I think he was two at that time. I was so mad I was raising my voice and shouting at him. I forgot what it was all about, but he answered back with something that was so simple and funny, I began crying and laughing at the same time. Meng came in the room and was wondering what was wrong with me. He thought I had gone mad.

There are still times when Austin would reason out when I scold him, but so far he doesn't dare shout back at me, because that's where I draw the line. He can state his point, but not by shouting at me.

With David, I was surprised to hear him reason out to me. He doesn't talk as fluently as Austin did when Austin was two but he could already express what he wants. On the day of this birthday, he learned to say "hingi angpao".

Mommy: David, do not say "hingi angpao" to other people. Bad manners yan.
David: e Amah give e.

O nga naman...his Amah told him she will give him angpao because it's his birthday. But I didn't expect him to answer me while I talk to him.

He's starting to pick up more words from what he hears from us and the TV. He's always been pilosopo and playful, even before he started talking. Just last night, his yaya was asking him..

Yaya: David, where's your water? (water bottle..because she just gave him one)
David(shouting on top of his lungs): Water, where are you?

I can foresee loads of laughter and headache from this little guy.


Mia Castrillo said...

Ang cute naman nitong inaanak ko! :-) Tawang tawa ako sa antics niya. Hay! Yes, it's a sign of more laughter and headaches in the future. Good luck! Hehehe!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Your son is too smart and funny.

Lee i. said...

haha. he's smart. scrap na yan dali!