Sunday, January 10, 2010

Austin's a Tween now!

I can't believe my eldest son, Austin is turning into a teenager now. It only seemed like yesterday when Meng and I would take turns putting him to sleep (we have to be carrying him and swaying him while standing up...he cries when we sit) when Yaya went on a day off.

It only seemed like yesterday when he decided to be pilosopo with me while I was scolding him(he was around 2yo that time), I got so mad and was laughing at the same time that Meng thought I was going crazy.

It only seemed like yesterday when we would refuse to go to school just because he misses me and would insist going to the office with me.

It only seemed like yesterday when he was starting elementary school and doesn't want me to kiss him goodbye in front of the school gate.

Most parents dread the adolescent years because this is the time when the kids want to have their own time with their friends rather than be seen hanging out with their parents. Thankfully, we still haven't reached that stage. For now, he likes tagging along with us (now more with Meng than me). He still likes going on movie dates with Meng. He still likes playing with his brother, David even if it means playing toddler games with him.

I came to become more aware of this when we were buying shoes for him yesterday. His black leather school shoes is now broken and so is his rubber shoes for P.E. So off we went to the mall yesterday to buy new ones. He tried trying on a size 7 from the men's shoes section but if was a bit tight, till we finally settled on a size 8. His rubber shoes were size 9!

When we got home, we got Meng to try out the shoes coz I got a feelling it would fit him coz as far as I remember, Meng's just a size 8.5. True enough both shoes fit Meng! It won't be long till he can also fit in Meng's jeans.

Meng keeps on telling me to stop treating Austin like a baby, but how can I help it? He is my baby and will always be even if he has a family of his own. Just like how our parents are constantly hovering over us even if we're now adults with families of our own.

I love you Austin! You'll always be mommy's baby no matter what.

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