Tuesday, January 12, 2010

David just turned 3!

David turned 3 last January 6. Having attended several children's party, he became really excited as his own birthday approaches.

I asked him which theme he wanted: Handy Manny or Little Einstein. He chose Handy Manny.

Luckily, a lot of printable party stuff are available at the disney asia website so I printed out images of the tools and Manny as his cupcake topper.

The night before, I made a belt bag for him using felt cloth but unfortunately, all his jeans are in the laundry so he wasn't able to wear his handy manny outfit. We'll just have a photo taken of him wearing it another time.

He had a mini celebration at Kong-kong's office where my FIL's secretaries bought him a cake. In the evening, we had a small celebration at my SIL, Len's house since David loves to be with his cousins' Shane and Lance. Len gave him a Superman costume which he wore the entire night.

Here are some more pictures taken during David's birthday...


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