Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Becoming a Coffee Addict

I've never been a coffee lover in my entire life. Before 1 cup of instant coffee is good enough for me(which I drink occasionally...usually when I need something to keep me from falling asleep). I get palpitations if I take more. Then I was introduced to brewed coffee. I didn't like it at first since I find it too strong...until I tasted Starbucks coffee. I started liking Starbucks coffee when I started collecting stickers to be able to get the Starbucks planner. On alternate days, I would drop by starbucks and order Peppermint Mocha before I go to the office. Then I got hooked! I took advantage of the free coffee coupons included in the planner. Then I got pregnant! Just when I was starting to enjoy coffee...what good timing! I had to stop drinking coffee in any form for 9 months!

A few months after I gave birth, I started drinking again. Since Peppermint Mocha was only a seasonal drink, I tried Caramel Macchiato. I loved its sweet taste and the coffee is not too strong. I loved it so much I tried it's cold version and was hooked (I usually order the venti size)! Now I look forward to a cup of Starbucks coffee each day hot or cold!

I realized my recent addiction is putting a hole in my pocket (imagine 120-150 bucks a day for coffee!) so I decided buying coffee grinds is a cheaper alternative so I can continue enjoying my Starbucks coffee. I bought a pack just the other day and now I enjoy 2 cups of Starbucks coffee each day...what a good way to look forward going to work!

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girlie222 said...

hi april, i thought i was the only coffee addict, scrapbooker, scrapshopping mommy in this world. its just amazing to hear that you love Caramel Macchiato too. and yes i'd rather buy something for scrapbooking than a cup of coffee so funny i brew also now here in the office try bon vivant. its yummy too.