Saturday, August 4, 2007

Number of the week is 3!

I must have been caught by the "number 3" bug that I had been doing things in 3s this week.

Starting off, I submitted my layouts to Memory Lane Stores' 3 Bugs in a Rug 2 challenge. I used the Seeing Stars line of 3BIAR and I was literally seeing stars after making these...hehehe It was really a challenge to use the 3BIAR patterned papers as background because of its bold colors and strong patterns so had to do my next one using a cardstock as background.

Next in line is Scrapbukan's MME challenge. I had started this a few weeks before but never got to finish my layout of Meng's pictures. So I decided to make a new one last Sunday with David's pics and here's what I came out with.

Sunday evening, I checked Scraplove's Week 3 challenge and guess what? 3s again! Theme is that we should use 3 patterned papers, 3 pictures, 3 circles, 3 other embellishments and at least 3 sentences of journalling. My entry to Scrapbukan's challenge fits the requirements except for another circle which I can fit in somewhere so I was torn on whether to submit this to Scrapbukan or Scraplove. In the end, I submitted it to Scrapbukan (mainly because I got another 3 idea :D)

I was torn for 2 days and was panicking bec I still haven't finished my clients' album so I decided to hit 2 birds with 1 stone. I made a client layout with "3" in the title. Here it is.. (Thanks Joanne for helping me with the journalling!)

Tuesday night. I was going to get started on my client's album but my mind kept wandering off to my unfinished layout of Meng's pictures. The title should have been 3 things I love about you or 3 special things about you but I decided against it at the last minute. Seeing his big smile in the pictures (btw, the photos were taken by Pia Lopez..thanks Pia!), I decided to make the title 30 n Happy.

For my Scraplove entry, I decided to make it using my pictures with the title Turning 30. But it didn't came out the way I planned it. (Meng didn't see the "30" immediately..hehehe). So I decided to make another one using the pictures Meng took of Austin and David for his photography class which I'm glad I did. (see Scraplove contest entries - 3 reasons why I love my Syoti)

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